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FMS-Service in brief

FMS-Service Ltd. was founded in year 2003 to make repair service for sheet metal customers.
Our coal is to provide the best price/cost ratio on sheet metal machines to all our customers around the globe.


FMS-Services business idea is to find best solution for the problem that customer have.

We will find cost effective solution for all customers by offering them good quality sheet metal machines.
We are also repairing more expensive parts and we can also offer affordable quality spare parts to all customers.

Our company has been developing and growing from the beginning by giving a good service what ever the need is.
Sign of good service is our customer lojalty that is excelent, over 80% of our customers from 2003 are still our customers.

FMS-Services is relying on long experience from punching machines, together more than 50 years

We have today many satisfied customers in Finland, Italy, Sweden, Estonia ,Denmark and Latvia.
We have maintenance service agreements with multiple Finnish customers.

In the year 2008 we get the agencie of Boschert product family to Finish market

This was for us a big opportunity to sell new high quality sheet metal machines. Boschert basic idea is simplified machine building, reliability and German high class know how.

Boschert is a family company, which has a history of over 60 years of quality machines

Boschert Gmbh is proud of the fact that their machine is build in Germany from German komponents, this way they can give the machine a "Made in Germany" stamp and quarantie the quality. Big part of the components in Boschert machines are manufactured in their own factory at Lörrach.

Satisfied customers have been our motivation in the past and it will be also in the future.

FMS-Service Ltd is growing to be a quality provider for the whole sheet metal industry sector.

Our team wishes all the best to all our customers.

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