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Efficient welding robot cell, that can be moved by forklift.


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RoboWeld is a plug and play welding cell, it means plug it in and start to produce either a new program or use existing program from memory. Robot and welding unit are bolted to container floor this means you can easily move the cell by forklift. Container has one electrically rotating wall, maintenance door and smoke ventilation attachment. (Smoke suction unit can delivered as option.)

Rotating wall has level surface on both side where the welded parts are placed maximum size is: W1200xL1000xD500mm. Upper part of the wall has a welding plexi glass, this helps the operator to monitor the welding process same time as new parts are installed ready for welding. Working is effective because robot is welding while next piece is assembled.

Yaskawa MA1440 Robot and Lincoln Electric S350 welding machine are fully integrated it means you only make one program using the robot interface. 

Lincoln Electric Autodrive S feeding sytem is installed on arm, this enables precision wire feed and almost scrap free start and stop processes. (80% less spatter than regular method.)

Hitsauspistooli is watercooled and equipped with crahs sensor. Machine can do continuos welding up to 300A (max.350A). Standard 16kg wire coil can be chaged to 250kg wire barrel system. Thisi is optional.

Customer based jig will be sold separately or customer can make it themself.

Make sure your productions is efficient and contact our sales team.

PS. Aluminum welding is also possible or we can modify this to small assembly plant.


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